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    About Me

    Walter Redondo

    I have been making art since I was quite young. Over time, the process has become a tool of communication, and brought with it growth in myself, in my faith in a higher power, and in my place in the world. Commitment to being an artist has come to me gradually, but that has allowed me to better understand its significance in my life.

    Each painting lives inside me until it flows out onto the canvas. I have found that my approach or perspective to a painting has a direct influence on the eventual outcome. This makes me remain focused and in the moment, but also requires my willingness to release all my expectations of the actual resolution of the painting. I have come to understand that if I remain in this state of awareness, then the painting will gradually transition from my inner being, and that my hands and the tools I use to create will be the conduit for its emergence.

    As I begin a painting, lines, form, and color start to evolve and I find myself part of a complex dialogue. This is a fascinating place for me, an open door for me to walk through and become part of the exploration. The intuitive nature of the process, the risk-taking, break-throughs, and even the mistakes, serve to bring interest and new facets to the process.

    I have found that each painting has its own message. For the message and the imagery to correctly manifest itself, I must let go completely of my own thoughts and expectations and allow the heart to paint. This is a personal place for me, and always brings me a sense of knowing and confidence in the certainty of the true outcome.

    This place where only the painter and the painting exist is one I strive to remain immersed in throughout the creation of an artwork. It brings me a sense of inner focus, and with it, the singular harmony of this unique creative dialogue.

    Mixed Media on Canvas

    The Sharing Ground Series

    These paintings titled, The Sharing Ground Series, evokes the after effects and beauty of the evolution of a seed. It has no choice of its placement, yet, in its struggle for life it exhibits and offers the beauty of hope to where it’s going to be Sharing Ground.

    Behind The Scenes

    In Action


    As Seen

    Timeless and captivating, Walter's original pieces can fit any space, such as, homes, hotels and restaurants, just to name a few!


    Walter's works embody a type of emotion that is impossible to explain in words. It has to be seen by the inner person at a deep level of the sub conscience. Each piece is like looking into the clouds and seeing different shapes and formations. It is truly remarkable how he captures the viewers person without them even knowing. Thank you Walter for your true inspiration and genius. Your art is sure to have a profound impact on the world far into the future!

    Charles Marchesini

    Each and every single piece Walter has created holds so much depth and meaning. To be able to produce so many original works, each unique, profound, beautiful and holding so much meaning is beyond comprehension. When you purchase a piece from Walter, you are getting much more than a painting, you receive a story, universal to all.

    Shatoo Mohamad

    Walters work is elegant, sophisticated and sleek. The more I look at it, the more passion and hidden details I see. There is something special you feel when you look at any piece of art. This is art.

    Jessica Stuman

    I got two pieces by Walter from his Shared Ground Series for my therapy office. The message in this work comes through on so manty levels. The ground we all share in common is spiritual. It is our love, understanding and joy we feel for each other's growth. It is what we feed on. This is the joy Walter paints with. An immesaurable love that he brings to the work. It is head and heart together, and, it inspires me and my patients in the work we do in therapy and in our relationships. So many stories, so many colors, in this sea of joy.

    Ted Friedman
    Work With Walter

    Live Painting Sessions & Commissions

    To book a Live Painting Session or purchase a commissioned work, please contact Walter via the contact form on the website.

    For a Live Painting Session, Walter will bring his art materials and easel. He will set up in a specified area of a location in front of a live audience. This creates a comfortable imaginative atmosphere. During this time as he paints, the audience has the opportunity to ask questions as he educates them on his process, perspective and purpose of his art. The time and length of the painting session depends on the requested time allotted when booking a session with Walter.

    Individuals that are interested in commissioning a painting provide the information such as size of canvas, colors they have in mind and can view Walter’s paintings or series, giving him a sense of the style which might be desired. Often times,  Walter will meet with the clients in their home, which gives him a strong sense and feel for the environment of the living space, which helps greatly in the decision process. There is a start up fee which will be discussed during the communication process.



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